How do I know if a Christian Life Coach is a suitable option for me?

My mission is simple. I am here to help you grow and experience transformation.

Discover your purpose in life and fulfill your destiny!

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How are Counseling and Christian Coaching Different?

Let us look at what a Life Coach and a Christian Life Coach is. A Life Coach partners with their clients, helping them to achieve their goals in life. They do so by using different strategic methods that will get their client from where they are, to where they desire to be. The difference between a secular Life Coach and a Christian Life Coach is that a Christian Life Coach knows that Jesus is the Head Coach of their own life. Therefore, they partner with the Holy Spirit to do coaching from a Biblical perspective. They depend on the Holy Spirit to be their guide and to help them get from where they are, to where God desires them to be.

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Marisely Marte 
Life Anchor Coach

I work with each client to identify their specific needs and goals.

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What Services Do You Offer?

* Discover their purpose in life 
* Deepen their relationship with God 
* Build their confidence and self-discipline
* Restore balance in their lives 
* Get rid of mindsets that hold them back 
* Build their faith & learn to lean on God 
* Achieve their goals 
* Enhance the relationships in their lives 

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Where do we meet? 

I offer group and individual sessions online.  The online platform used is called Zoom. The link will be sent to you prior to your appointment. Please make sure you install the required software.  Zoom can be downloaded to your desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone. 

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